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PortraitAwards 2016

LensCulture Portrait Photography Awards 2016

Portrait photography resonates in cultures all over the world—discover the 39 winners and finalists of the LensCulture Portrait Awards 2016, a showcase of the inspiring, global potential of 21st century portraiture. Enjoy this year’s fresh and fascinatingly diverse selection in this slideshow projection.

Emerging Talent Awards 2016

Here are 50 amazing photographers — emerging talents — who we think you should know. We believe “emerging talents” should be celebrated without regard to age or how long they’ve been practicing photography but rather by two criteria: excellence in the visual language of photography and the fact that they are not yet widely known internationally. The photographers presented here may have already achieved success and recognition on a local or national level where they live or work—but we think they are now ready for the world stage.

Magnum Photography Awards 2016

Magnum Photos and LensCulture are delighted to present 44 remarkable photographers from around the world who were chosen by our international jury for the first annual Magnum Photography Awards. Discover the work of these brilliant photographers in this compelling slideshow projection.

Street Photography Awards 2016

Street photography captures the instant pulse of diverse people, urban cultures, traditions and communities all over the world — better than any other art form or language. While human nature may remain constant over the decades, fashions, trends, architecture, technology and the collision of urban visual clutter all seem to make our shared environments feel new, ever-changing and always bustling with life. In the world of photography, there is a fear that we’ve already seen it all before, especially in a genre like street photography. But this year’s 34 winners, jurors’ picks and finalists clearly defy that sense of déjà vu — especially as we encouraged photographers to stretch and expand their interpretations of what can be captured out in the streets and intersections of the world. Their results ranged from street fashion and portraits, conceptual investigations and pure poetry, to moments of daily life — both ordinary and extraordinary.